Events & News

Social Events :

  • Daily Fajr and Isha prayer.
  • Sunday School.
  • Weekly Jummah prayer 12:30 pm .
  • Monthly gathering.
  • Two Eids.
  • Open house every year.
  • Welcoming party every semester.
  • Graduation party.
  • Farewell parties.
  • Volunteer work .


The best way to find out about our activates is our Facebook page ..

Our Monthly Potluck

Our monthly gathering  Saturday Feb, 27th after Isha prayer.

Moroccan coffee Hour 

Saturday Feb 20th will be Moroccan coffee Hour for Ladies at ICM starting at 4:30 PM.

Welcoming Party  Spring 2016

Saturday, 30 January 2016  – 6:00 pm  at ICM.

Thank you, Islamic Center of Manhattan! :

 Habitat for Humanity Manhattan KS.   January 11, 2016

In The News:

Open house aims to answer questions on religion, culture : The Mercury .

By Chris Haxel November 7, 2015  

In The news :

Islamic Center open house brings in diverse crowd – The Collegian 

By Kelsey Kendall – 

OPEN HOUSE NOV 7th 2015 

In November, 2015 at 10: 00 am we had a great event. Open house with more than                200 visitors .. more

In The News :

 Islamic Center hosts Fast a Day – The Collegian 

By Abdurahman Basha –

In The news : 

Celebrating Ramadan in Manhattan – The Collegian

By Jon Parton –