Sunday Islamic School


Muslim children are constantly facing challenges and pressures, whether in school or with their friends. With the constant exposure to social media, excessive consumerism, peer pressure, Internet and technology, it is very easy for our youth to lose sight of what is truly important as a Muslim. This is why Islamic Education is so very important.

At Sunday Islamic School, it is our objective to provide a healthy and rewarding learning environment for our Muslims students. Sunday School meets once a week for nine months of the year. Within this time, we are committed to providing a sound Islamic education to our students.

We hope Sunday Islamic School will be able to help Muslim students appreciate and understand Islam – its rich heritage, principles, values, and teachings. We hope the School will be able to provide stepping stones for the youngsters so that they understand and accept Islam as the chosen ‘way’ of their lives.

Our success will be measured years later if our youth grow up and say “Thank you—you made a difference in my life!”

Our request to the parents is this: please invest in your child. They are the precious future for our Ummah!

Goals and Objectives

  • Teach Islam in relevance to our day and age and develop an American Muslim identity
  • Develop a Muslim personality based on Islamic values so that they can become beneficial future leaders who will work together as part of the community to please Allah SWT.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility to society and the environment
  • Provide a basic knowledge of Islam, Quran and the Arabic language.
  • Provide an opportunity for parents and children to develop a sense of brotherhood

Spring 2016 semester :

  • Main Subjects: Quran-Arabic-Basic Islamic studies.

  • Every Sunday from 10:00am – 12:30pm.

  • Two age stages: 

    1-from six -nine years old. 2-from nine to twelve years old

  • Fee: 25 dollars per month.

  • Total number of students (till now): more than 25 students.

  • To register you can contact or email :


We are in regular need of volunteers and donations. If you have a passion to contribute to Islamic education of Muslim children, please contact the school administration. (